Nanolumi Pte Ltd Acquires LuminiCell

Nanolumi Pte Ltd Acquires LuminiCell

Nanolumi Pte Ltd, is pleased to announce the acquisition of LuminiCell Pte Ltd as a wholly-owned subsidiary. LuminiCell is an innovative provider of unique advanced luminescence materials and lipid encapsulated materials that are used in fluorescence microscopy applications and can be applied to other technologies.

LuminiCell’s technology is based on innovative aggregation-induced emission (AIE) dyes with unique characteristics, that allow unprecedented live cell imaging over long tracking durations. LuminiCell’s Flagship product, AIEdots™, are ultrabright, biocompatible fluorescent lipid Nanoparticles, which enable researchers in their capabilities for long term cellular and deep tissue bioimaging and diagnostic immuno assays.

“This acquisition marks an important milestone in our journey to build cutting-edge solutions for our customers across various applications based on our core luminescence-related technologies and processes” said Jax Lee, CEO, Nanolumi. “It strengthens Nanolumi’s position as an innovative provider pioneering in the fields of Aggregation-Induced Emission dyes, Perovskites and Quantum Dots.”

LuminiCell represents an expansion of Nanolumi’s technology portfolio of advanced luminescence materials, and is extending to the field of lipid nanoparticle encapsulation to build up a life science research reagent portfolio. In future developments, LuminiCell will build on further synergies in the collaboration with the National University of Singapore, and particularly Prof. Bin Liu, to serve researcher’s needs in bio imaging and diagnostic applications.


About Nanolumi:

Nanolumi is an advanced luminescent materials company leveraging the power of chemistry to optimize light efficiently. Our company focuses on providing high quality perovskite products that enable the purest, brightest and widest range of colors in LCD, MiniLED and OLED displays while maintaining high energy efficiency. We've successfully overcome previous major limitations of perovskites related to stability and scalability, and our IP-protected technology allows us to produce highly reliable perovskite nanocrystals for premium displays.

Founded in 2018 in Singapore, our core team comprises of cross-disciplinary individuals and industry professionals with deep technical expertise, global business experience and a proven track record for commercialising new technologies. We focus on (1) market-led innovations, an approach where solutions are developed based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and most urgent challenges faced by the industry, (2) establishing strategic partnerships that minimise product development investments and (3) designing products thoughtfully to ensure they not only solve a real problem but are cost competitive, scalable and compatible with existing manufacturing processes and supply chain. Learn more about us at


About LuminiCell:

Based in Singapore, LuminiCell was co-founded in 2014 by Prof. Bin Liu of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department at the National University of Singapore. LuminiCell develops superior fluorescence dyes for long term live cell and deep tissue bioimaging and diagnostic immuno assay applications. The team leveraged on their patented work of biocompatible materials for cellular and vascular intravital imaging on the basis of the novel class of Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) dyes and AIE nanoparticle formulation. The breakthrough developments also won Prof. Bin Liu Singapore’s President’s Technology Award in 2016. LuminiCell’s products are globally distributed by Merck-Millipore. Learn more about us at

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