Luminicell Illuminates Taiwan's Biotech Scene through New Partnership  with J&H Technology

Luminicell Illuminates Taiwan's Biotech Scene through New Partnership with J&H Technology

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Luminicell Illuminates Taiwan's Biotech Scene through New Partnership with J&H Technology


5th February 2024, Singapore – Luminicell Pte Ltd announced a strategic collaboration with J&H Technology Co Ltd, a leading distributor in Taiwan specializing in cutting-edge biotechnology and scientific equipment. The collaboration officially commenced on 1st February 2024, and both companies are excited to illuminate new possibilities in scientific research and biotechnology in Taiwan.

This partnership signifies a significant leap forward for Luminicell, introducing its renowned Luminicell Tracker™ series, which are novel AIE-based fluorescent lipid nanoparticles, to the heart of Taiwan's vibrant scientific community. The flagship product series has unique benefits of high brightness, stability and biocompatibility, making them ideal for long-term live cell imaging and deep tissue imaging, eliminating the need for laborious transfection processes.

J&H Technology, deeply rooted in Taiwan's biotech landscape, has great expertise in delivering advanced scientific instruments and imaging tools.

This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate Luminicell's high-quality products into the fabric of Taiwanese research, providing researchers, biotech professionals, and academic institutions across the island with unprecedented access to state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging and cellular tracking technologies.

With its strong ties to the local biotech community, J&H Technology is poised to contribute significantly to the successful distribution and adoption of Luminicell's products in Taiwan.

Jax Lee, CEO of Luminicell, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Teaming up with J&H Technology allows us to immerse ourselves in Taiwan's dynamic scientific community. We are eager to contribute to the rich tapestry of Taiwanese research and make a lasting impact on the biotech landscape."


About J&H Technology 

J&H Technology Co. Ltd (博克科技股份有限公司), started as the exclusive distributor of Packard BioSciences, and has since secured exclusive representation rights for renowned brands such as PerkinElmer, NanoDrop, Unchained Labs, Akoya BioSciences.

With a strong focus on post-sales service, J&H Technology team places expertise as their top priority, with all service engineers undergo rigorous training from the original manufacturers, ensuring the provision of the most professional experimental consultation and technical support.

The company aims to contribute earnestly to the progress of scientific research, dedicating our efforts to advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the field.

Visit the company website to learn more. 


About Luminicell

Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes for long-term live cell and deep-tissue bio-imaging applications with exceptional sensitivity and photostability.

The company’s flagship products, Luminicell Tracker, is 10X brighter than quantum dots, 3X longer signal retention than quantum dots, and can track up to 10 cell passages in vitro, monitor transplanted stem cells up to 6 weeks in vivo. 

By providing the best-in-class research tools to redefine the limits of research discoveries, Luminicell is enabling researchers to accelerate biomedical innovations, in the field of cancer research, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, 3D cell culture and tissue engineering studies.

Luminicell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanolumi. To learn how Luminicell is illuminating the biotechnology space with advanced fluorescence lipid nanoparticles, visit Luminicell’s website or follow us on LinkedIn and X


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