LuminiCell is a biotechnology company that specialises in developing superior fluorescence dyes for long-term live cell and deep tissue bio-imaging and diagnostic immunoassay applications.

At LuminiCell, we offer next generation fluorescence probes, allowing continuous monitoring of biological processes and long-term imaging of cellular systems for both in-vitro and in-vivo applications.

Founded in Singapore 2014, we develop and manufacture ultrabright fluorescence organic nanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced Emissions (AIE) luminogens. Leveraging on the patented technology for AIE molecules and AIE nanoparticles formulation, the development of ultrabright AIEdots motivated the set-up of LuminiCell by the company co-founders: Professor Bin Liu and Luda Kopeikina, in collaboration with Professor Ben Zhong Tang as technical advisor. This breakthrough also won Prof Liu the 2016 President’s Technology Award. 

Taking cell trackers as an example, existing cell trackers are laborious to apply or restrict researchers to cell monitoring beyond a week at the most. Our product provides real-time cell tracking with 3× longer duration and 10× brightness as compared to competitive products. LuminiCell products greatly enhance the research capability in cell biology, disease diagnosis and treatment. 

From cellular trackers and vascular imaging reagents, to photosensitizers and customised nanoparticles, our products are based on patented technologies with proven track records of superior performance.  

Our technology renders long-term cellular imaging possible with enhanced signal and minimal cell toxicity, enabling scientists around the world to achieve breakthroughs in research works.