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Customised Bio-conjugation Solutions

Customised Bio-conjugation Solutions

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Particle size
Target Biomolecules

Available solutions for researchers in different fields

Luminicell’s proprietary aggregation-induced emission (AIE) fluorescent nanoparticles are excellent biocompatible lipid nanoparticles comes with encapsulated AIE dyes.


Wide range of fluorophore selections

  • Blue (470)
  • Cyan (506)
  • Green (540)
  • Red (670)
  • NIR-I (810)
  • NIR-II (1010)


Versatile conjugation platform with tuneable surface chemistry

  • Streptavidin
  • Amine
  • Carboxyl
  • Click Chemistry
  • Others


Designed to meet researchers' needs on biomolecules labelling

  • Antibodies
  • Peptides
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Others



Price indicated are estimated for antibody labelling services of 100 µg.

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