• Klein Scientific (Australia & New Zealand)

    Luminicell partners with Klein Scientific since September 2023. Klein Scientific was founded in 2020 to distribute scientific equipment. Proudly representing: Nikon microscopy, Apogee Flow Cytometers, Andor, Okolabs, Spirochrome probes, SunJin Labs, Semrock, Lumencor, Prior, World Precision Instruments, Linkam, CoolLED, ASI, Ostec and Luminicell.

  • Idylle Labs (Europe & US)

    Luminicell partners with Idylle Labs since January 2024 for expanded distribution in Europe and United States. Idylle Labs is a French company, launched in 2019, specialised in tech-transfer for research tools in life sciences. The company produces the innovative R&D tools that life science researchers just developed and published. 

  • J&H Technology (Taiwan)

    J&H Technology, deeply rooted in Taiwan's biotech landscape, has great expertise in delivering advanced scientific instruments and imaging tools. The collaboration officially commenced on 1st February 2024, and both companies are excited to illuminate new possibilities in Taiwan's scientific research scene.

  • Filgen (Japan)

    With over 15 years of experience in Japanese biotechnology landscape, Luminicell is honoured to welcome Filgen as our official distribution partner in Japan. This partnership expands our brand presence and enhance user adoption across Japan’s research community, enabling researchers to redefine the limits of biomedical research and accelerating breakthroughs for better human lives.

  • Kyberlife (Singapore)

    Kyberlife's technology arm holds the first open marketplace in Asia with an easy-to-use platform that hosts healthcare vendors, life-science companies & manufacturers globally. Kyberlife also has a distribution arm that facilitates licensed distribution of life-science/pharmaceutical/medical products, Instruments, equipment to the SEA region.

  • One-Science (Singapore)

    One Science is a startup company with innovative online marketplace that provides access to high-quality laboratory supplies for scientists, researchers, and businesses. Founded with a mission to make the process of purchasing laboratory supplies easier and more efficient, One Science offers a wide range of products from trusted brands at competitive prices.

  • Millipore, Merck Group (Global)

    Millipore has been distributing Luminicell flagship products since 2017, allowing researchers to purchase directly through their online reagents platform.