Cellaris™ (previously known as Luminicell Tracker™) is the next-generation cell labelling kit, which contains highly biocompatible and photostable fluorescence nanoparticles, allowing wide variety of cell tracking applications both in vitro and in small animal models.

  • Enhanced Brightness

    10X fluorescent intensity compared to premium quantum dots of comparable sizes. Pushing the limits of cell visualisation.

  • Superior Photostability

    Fluorescence signal retention greater than 90% after 10 minutes of laser irradation.

  • Long-Term Stability

    Up to 21 days of in-vivo cancer cells tracking ability. Cell lineage tracing up to 10 cell generations in-vitro.

  • Efficient Labelling

    High labelling rate of > 99% for most cell lines. Rapid labelling can be achieved within 1 hour.

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