Luminicell Partners with Filgen Inc to Support Japan’s Research Community

Luminicell Partners with Filgen Inc to Support Japan’s Research Community

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Luminicell Partners with Filgen Inc to Support Japan’s Research Community


15th March 2024, Singapore – Luminicell Pte Ltd is pleased to announce our new official partnership with Filgen, Inc, a leading life-science reagent distributor in Japan, aimed at bolstering support for Japan’s frontier research in cutting edge bioimaging applications. The collaboration officially commenced on 1st March 2024.


With over 15 years of experience in Japanese biotechnology landscape, Luminicell is honoured to welcome Filgen as our official distribution partner in Japan. This partnership expands our brand presence and enhance user adoption across Japan’s research community, enabling researchers to redefine the limits of biomedical research and accelerating breakthroughs for better human lives.


About Filgen Inc


Established in 2004, Filgen is a well-known biotechnology company in Japan. The company started with two business categories: (1) manufacturing, selling home-brand lab instruments, UV ozone cleaner, osmium plasma coater and (2) providing customer service on microarrays.


Filgen swiftly developed steadily in both the scientific machine area and biotech area. At present, besides continuing selling our own instruments, we have become a strong distributor of overseas biotech instruments, life-science reagents, bioinformatics software and biotech analysis services.


With the experience of serving the Japanese market for over 15 years, we accumulated valuable know-hows and strong sales network. We will keep working hard on our existing brands and keep open to new brands.


To learn more about Filgen, visit their website here.


About Luminicell


Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes for long-term live cell and deep-tissue bio-imaging applications with exceptional sensitivity and photostability.


The company’s flagship products, Luminicell Tracker, is 10X brighter than quantum dots, 3X longer signal retention than quantum dots, and can track up to 10 cell passages in vitro, monitor transplanted stem cells up to 6 weeks in vivo. 


By providing the best-in-class research tools to redefine the limits of research discoveries, Luminicell is enabling researchers to accelerate biomedical innovations, in the field of cancer research, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, 3D cell culture and tissue engineering studies.


Luminicell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanolumi. To learn how Luminicell is illuminating the biotechnology space with advanced fluorescence lipid nanoparticles, visit Luminicell’s website or follow us on LinkedIn and X


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