Luminicell Unveils Rebrand: Cellaris™ – Your Stellar Solution for Fluorescence Cell Labelling

Luminicell Unveils Rebrand: Cellaris™ – Your Stellar Solution for Fluorescence Cell Labelling

Luminicell Unveils Rebrand: Cellaris™ – Your Stellar Solution for Fluorescent Cell Labelling


Singapore, 25th April 2024 – Luminicell, the pioneering force in highly efficient biocompatible fluorescent nanoparticles for cell tracking, is proud to unveil its new product name, Cellaris, dedicated to its flagship cell labelling kits (formerly known as Luminicell Tracker™). 


The decision to rename the flagship cell labelling products from Luminicell Tracker to Cellaris was inspired by a desire to capture the true essence of the technology, as well as the spirit of advancement it represents. The name Cellaris reflects not only the product's primary application in cell-related research, but also draws a parallel to the brilliance, high performance and long-lasting nature associated with stars.

The team at Luminicell believe in pushing the boundaries of research discoveries with their stellar performing products – and Cellaris is the embodiment of that belief to illuminating brightly in the pursuit of scientific discovery.


"We're thrilled to introduce Cellaris is – a brand new name for our flagship product that represent the culmination of years of research, innovation, and commitment," said Jax Lee, CEO of Luminicell. "With Cellaris, we believe the name not only reflects our commitment to continuous innovation, but also resonates with researchers and scientists worldwide - to unlock deeper insights about the complex cellular universe, with our high-performance flagship products that Luminicell offers."


Key Highlights of Cellaris:


  1. Stellar PerformanceCellaris delivers unparalleled brightness, photostability, and signal longevity, empowering researchers to achieve stellar results in their experiments. Cellaris sets a new standard for fluorescence tracking duration, with the capabilities of performing long-term live cell studies of up to 10 cell generations in vitro, and more than 21 days in vivo.


  1. State-of-the-Art Technology – Powered by Luminicell’s proprietary platform technology, Cellaris are highly emissive biocompatible fluorescent nanoparticles, powered with unique fluorophores with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) characteristics. Cellaris is designed to meet the demanding needs for more advanced and longer-term imaging probes.


  1. Enabling Biomedical Applications – From basic research to complex topics such as cell therapy, drug discovery, 3D cell models and tissue constructs, Cellaris is designed to meet the diverse needs of scientists across various topics that are translational in nature, enabling a wide range of applications in cellular imaging and analysis.


Learn more about Cellaris and experience the future of fluorescent long-term live cell tracking.


About Luminicell: 


Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that offers next-generational bioimaging solutions, dedicated to empowering researchers and scientists to unlock the secrets of the biological universe. The company specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescence probes designed for long-term live cell and deep tissue imaging, customisable bioconjugation and labelling, as well as diagnostic applications with exceptional sensitivity. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and collaboration, Luminicell is committed to pushing the limits of research discoveries and accelerating translational biomedical breakthroughs.


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