Nanolumi Acquires Luminicell

Nanolumi Acquires Luminicell


Nanolumi Acquires Luminicell, Adding Life Science to its Advanced Materials Portfolio

March 23, 2023, Singapore - Nanolumi Pte Ltd, a provider of luminescent and optical material solutions, announced today the acquisition of Luminicell Pte Ltd as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Luminicell manufactures AIEdots™, ultra-bright, long-lived fluorescent lipid nanoparticles with low cytotoxicity for biological applications. AIEdots provide researchers with the ability to tag cells fluorescently at specific wavelengths over a prolonged period, even at high light exposure. Luminicell’s technology packs and wraps a large collection of organic fluorophores with Aggregation-Induced Emissions (AIE) in a biocompatible lipid shell via a proprietary encapsulation process, powering long-term live-cell tracking, deep-tissue bioimaging and diagnostic assays.

“The acquisition is a unique opportunity to bring expertise, as well as both of Luminicell’s biopackaging and innovative fluorescence technologies, under one roof,” said Jax Lee, CEO of Nanolumi. “More importantly, we believe the current commercial applications for AIEdots merely scratch the surface of their potential, while already being accretive to Nanolumi’s business.”

Mr. Lee added, “We look forward to developing new solutions with AIEdots, while deepening synergies across our portfolio of perovskite nanocrystals and quantum dots, serving high-impact applications.” Luminicell co-founder, Prof. Bin Liu, Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), said, “Nanolumi’s partnership strategy is truly collaborative with product development integrating direct feedback from life-science researchers to serve their bioimaging and diagnostic application needs.”


About Luminicell Pte Ltd

Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes for long-term live cell, deep-tissue bio-imaging and diagnostic applications with exceptional sensitivity.

Founded in 2014 as a spinout of NUS and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) research programs, Luminicell manufactures fluorescent lipid nanoparticles with its patented encapsulation platform technology, combining it with novel Aggregation-Induced Emissions (AIE) from organic molecules that power its next-generation, ultra-bright fluorescent AIEdot™ trackers. AIEdots exhibit outstanding photostability, enabling continuous monitoring of biological processes and unlocking long-term imaging for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

Luminicell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanolumi. To learn how Luminicell is illuminating biology, visit Luminicell’s website or follow us on LinkedIn.


About Nanolumi Pte Ltd

Nanolumi is an advanced materials company, providing breakthrough luminescent and optical material platforms in challenging but diverse applications, using a host of proprietary nano- and molecular technologies. Nanolumi offers solutions for display & advanced imaging as well as product authentication & security under the Reyal brand.

The team leverages cutting-edge chemistries and downstream integration, bringing them to market through tight-knit, strategic partnerships that accelerate new technology adoption. Nanolumi delivers solutions, not just products, with approaches that bring partners out to play.

Nanolumi believes that materials matter, building foundations that power customer products to help society experience life to the fullest. To learn how Nanolumi is advancing materials innovation at the speed of light, visit Nanolumi’s website or follow us on LinkedIn.

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