New Distribution Partner in Australia and New Zealand - Klein Scientific

New Distribution Partner in Australia and New Zealand - Klein Scientific


Luminicell Partners with Klein Scientific to Expand Distribution in Australia and New Zealand 

September 6, 2023, Singapore –  G’day and Kia ora! Luminicell Pte Ltd is thrilled to unveil a strategic distribution partnership with Klein Scientific, expanding Luminicell's presence in the Oceania region and introducing our best-in-class products to Australia and New Zealand market!

This collaboration brings together Luminicell's innovative solutions and Klein Scientific's expertise in scientific equipment distribution, extensive network plus in-depth understanding of the scientific community in Australia and New Zealand. Together, the companies aim to empower researchers with the cutting-edge tools and technologies needed to drive breakthroughs in life science and biomedical research.

“Luminicell’s products are the perfect fit for Klein. We can now offer bright fluorescent probes suitable for long term imaging alongside our live-cell and flow cytometry systems.” said Ben Hibbs, CEO of Klein Scientific. “We look forward to promoting Luminicell’s products across Australia and New Zealand.”

"Luminicell is devoted in accelerating biomedical innovations through our high quality products.” said Jax Lee, CEO of Luminicell. “We are glad to be partnering with Klein Scientific, a company that shares our unwavering commitment to excellence."


About Klein Scientific

Klein Scientific is a specialist scientific equipment distribution company focusing on microscopy and flow cytometry. Since establishment in 2020, Klein Scientific has grown to represent a wide range of companies, covering microscopes, cameras, lasers, flow cytometers, multi-photon systems, confocals, super-resolution, reagents, consumables and accessories.

Founder and Director, Ben Hibbs, has a long history in microscopy and flow cytometry, both as a facility manager at the University of Melbourne and as an applications specialist for Nikon microscopy. Ben’s goal in founding Klein Scientific was to provide hardware, reagents, servicing and application expertise to Australian and New Zealand customers - a ‘one-stop shop’. Now, Klein Scientific offers a comprehensive range of products and services for research, clinical, educational and industry customers.

Klein Australia Pty Ltd trading as Klein Scientific, registered in Australia.


About Luminicell

Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes for long-term live cell, deep-tissue bio-imaging and diagnostic applications with exceptional sensitivity.

Founded in 2014 as a spinout of NUS and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) research programs, Luminicell manufactures fluorescent lipid nanoparticles with its patented encapsulation platform technology, combining it with novel Aggregation-Induced Emissions (AIE) from organic molecules that power its next-generation, ultra-bright fluorescent AIEdot™ trackers. AIEdots exhibit outstanding photostability, enabling continuous monitoring of biological processes and unlocking long-term imaging for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

Luminicell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanolumi. To learn how Luminicell is illuminating biology, visit Luminicell’s website or follow us on LinkedIn.

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