New Distribution Partner in Europe and USA - Idylle Labs

New Distribution Partner in Europe and USA - Idylle Labs


Luminicell Partners with Idylle Labs for Expanded Distribution in Europe and USA 

January 19, 2024, Singapore – Stepping into 2024 with renewed rigor and aspirations, Luminicell Pte Ltd is excited to announce a new partnership, teaming up with Idylle Labs, a prominent tech-transfer platform specializing in innovative research tools for life sciences.  

This collaboration marks Luminicell's commitment to broadening its footprint and reach in Europe and the USA, bringing its state-of-the-art biocompatible fluorescent probes to researchers in need of ingenious approaches in life science and biomedical research.  

Jax Lee, CEO of Luminicell, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our newly established relationship with Idylle Labs allow us to expand our distribution network even further, empowering the scientific community in Europe and the USA with Luminicell best-in-class solutions.” 

Equally enthused by the strategic partnership, Mathieu Grisolia, CEO of Idylle Labs, echoed the sentiment, saying, “At Idylle Labs, our focus is on accelerating research by bridging the gap between laboratory innovations and market availability. Partnering with Luminicell allows us to further enhance the scientific community's access to advanced tools, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.” 


About Idylle Labs 

Idylle Labs is a French company, launched in 2019, specialised in tech-transfer for research tools in life sciences. The company produces the innovative R&D tools that life science researchers just developed and published.  

Idylle Labs releases them to help scientists innovate in their research workflow. Its mission is to accelerate research. The team relies on a strong partnership with the CNRS, the major French research institute, to help transfer innovations from CNRS labs to the market. Around fifteen products are now in the catalogue, and there are many more to come: Idylle releases now one new product every month. 

Find out more about Idylle Labs here. 


About Luminicell 

Luminicell is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that specialises in advanced biocompatible fluorescent probes for long-term live cell and deep-tissue bio-imaging applications with exceptional sensitivity and photostability. 

The company’s flagship products, Luminicell Tracker, is 10X brighter than quantum dots, 3X longer signal retention than quantum dots, and can track up to 10 cell passages in vitro, monitor transplanted stem cells up to 6 weeks in vivo.  

By providing the best-in-class research tools to redefine the limits of research discoveries, Luminicell is enabling researchers to accelerate biomedical innovations, in the field of cancer research, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, 3D cell culture and tissue engineering studies. 


Luminicell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanolumi. To learn how Luminicell is illuminating biology, visit Luminicell’s website or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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