Official Launch of Luminicell E-Store!

Official Launch of Luminicell E-Store!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Luminicell brand-new online store, redefining the way you shop for our products with ease!

At Luminicell, we understand the importance of convenience and accessibility in today's fast-paced world. Our online store aims to provide you with a comprehensive range of our high-quality products right at your fingertips. Luminicell’s current product offerings include our flagship products – Luminicell Tracker™, sold as Cellular Labelling Kit and Vascular Labelling Kit at different unit sizes. 

Luminicell Cellular Tracker™ can be utilised in various applications ranging from long term in-vivo live-cell and tumour tracking, to high-throughput screening with organoids or complex tissue models, unlocking critical information that are now made possible with better visualisation.

Luminicell Vascular Tracker™ allow vascular experts to perform long-duration monitoring experiments of up to 3 hours with a single injection. Researchers have been using our product to monitor vascular integrity and leakage detection.

To celebrate the launch of our e-store, we are offering a one-time 10% discount when you make your very first purchase with us. Simply enter the promo code LAUNCH10 at checkout to claim your discount.

Our biocompatible fluorescent nanoparticles are ultra-bright and stable even under different treatment protocols such as fixation and permeabilization. Both product categories are available in both red and green options to best suit your specific needs. Visit our online store here.

To learn more about how our products can enhance your studies, get in touch with our experts via

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