See Your Cells in a New Light this Year with Luminicell !

See Your Cells in a New Light this Year with Luminicell !

As 2024 has arrived, we can't wait to share with you some thrilling news that will allow you to see your cells in a new light. Luminicell's New Year Promotion is officially starting, and we are excited to present our illuminating Luminicell Trackers that will offer a new perspective in your research!

From now until 31th January 2024, get 20% discount for any Luminicell Tracker products purchased!

Luminicell Tracker, our flagship products, consist of ultra-bright, long-lived fluorescent lipid nanoparticles with low cytotoxicity powering long-term live-cell tracking, deep-tissue bioimaging and diagnostic assays.

Our products are built to be best-in-class key enabling solutions for accelerating end-to-end translational biomedical research, from 2D and 3D cell experiments to clinical studies, which comes with the following benefits:

  1. High Biocompatibility

Encapsulation matrix enables fluorescence dyes to be delivered in vivo  safely in stable form with >95% cell viability even after 48 hours of incubation

  1. Superior Brightness

Exhibit 10X brightness as compared to traditionally available fluorescence dye, enabling visualisation with lower detection limit and high signal-to-noise ratio

  1. Long-lasting Signal

Signal lasts up to 10 generations of cells in vitro and more than 21 days in vivo, allowing long-term live cell tracking

  1. Exceptional Photostability

Fluorescence signal stays stable even with 10 minutes of continuous laser

  1. Easy to use

Simple and comprehensive protocol allowing ease of integration into existing workflow with minimal optimization efforts

  1. Customer Centric

Highly tuneable platform technology allows fast turnaround for customised solutions


We're making this new year special by offering a promotion that's designed to brighten your experiments. Visit our website to explore the promotion details and discover how you can harness the full power of Luminicell's solutions, and let's accelerate translational biomedical research together.

See your cells in a new light today!

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