Luminicell Tracker™ 540 - Vascular Labelling Kit (Green)


Luminicell Tracker™ are biocompatible organic fluorescent nanoparticles, that can be used to fluorescently tag vasculature in living tissues and animals for visualization of vascular structures and study of inflammation and vascular leakage.

These trackers serve as excellent disease diagnostic reagents.

Under normal condition, these nanoparticles flow smoothly inside blood vessels. However, under inflammation or infection, they leak out in response to blood vessel permeability changes and form localized punctate aggregates to accumulate in surrounding tissues.

Through both one-photon and multi-photon fluorescence imaging, these trackers provide an optical window for deep tissue imaging with minimized bio-substrate absorption interference.


Key Features

  • High brightness with 10X brighter signal than other cell labelling kits 
  • High photostability and signal retention of > 90 % after 10 mins
  • Suitable for one photon and multi-photon imaging



Biocompatible organic fluorescent nanoparticles (AIEDots) that can be used to tag vasculature in living tissues and animals for studies of inflammation and vascular leakage.



500 ul of 200 nM AIEdots (size: 30 ± 5 nm)

Compatible with laser line of 405/458/488 nm

Working concentration of 2 nM for labelling

Optical Properties

λabs = 423 nm

λfl     = 540 nm

εmax = 3.0 x 107 M-1·cm-1

Quantum Yield ≥ 50%

Tested with cellular assay: HeLa Cell Fluorescence 


Storage and Stability

Store at -2-8°C upon receipt. Do not freeze product.
Thaw at room temperature or in a water bath before use. 
Note: Some particulates may form as a result of nanoparticle aggregation during shipping. To get particulates back in solution, sonicate the vial containing Luminicell Tracker™ three times for 1 min each before use.



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Supporting Documents

Product Information
Luminicell Tracker™ Product Brochure
Product Excitation and Emission Spectral Profile (Excel)
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